Taylor Raz Danica Logan Kenna Valentina Findom

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Taylor Raz, Danica Logan, and Kenna Valentina are three absolute stunners who love being pampered. If you’ve got the cash then these three fetish babes will show you the time of your life as long as you keep it flowing.
Here’s the deal. We are accustomed to a certain way of life that some would call extravagant. If you are going to be with us, we expect you to take care of all of our financial needs, and we do not come cheaply. You’re going to pay our rent, take us out to eat, and keep our pockets full of walking around money at all times.
You are going to keep track of all our credit cards and pay off the balance every month. We don’t ever even want to see any of the bills, or even know that they exist. The very instant that someone calls one of us and says that one of our credit cards is maxed out, we are fucking out of here.
- Taylor Raz, Danica Logan, & Kenna Valentina


Milf Nikki Nikki Masters Findom

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MILF Nikki and Nikki Masters are two professional fetish babes who love making mincemeat out of guys like you. You had better keep these two beautiful and busty babes happy because you definitely don’t want to get on their bad side.
You thought you could pull one over on us didn’t you? We fucking know that today was payday, so don’t even pretend like you don’t have any money. We’ve had our eyes on your bank account since day one and we know exactly when you get your check so just hand it over to us right now.
You are fucking lucky that we don’t take it all. We are going to be nice and let you keep just enough for you to survive on, but just barely. You’re going to be eating nothing but ramen while we go out to the fanciest restaurants in town and your pathetic ass is going to pick up the check. The next time you try to hold out on us, we are just going to take it all.
- MILF Nikki & Nikki Masters


Lydia Lael and Tara Rose Findom Fantasy

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Lydia Lael and Tara Rose are two kinky babes who love having all the power in the relationship. If your with these two hotties, everything that you own is theirs to do with as they please, and you can’t do a damn thing about it.
Remember that sex tape you made with us a little while back? Remember all the nasty stuff we did? We’ll guess what? If you don’t pay us off, we are going to make sure that your wife sees that tape and all the naughty things we did together. You had better get that check book out right now, or she is going to know everything.
From now on, you will be writing a check to us every month of the amount that we have written down right here. If that money isn’t in our accounts the very first of the month, then your marriage is fucking over. There is no way your wife will stay with you if she sees all the nasty things we’ve done together.
- Lydia Lael & Tara Rose


Danica Femdom POV Findommes

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Danica is a cute skinny babe who has an innocent look that hides are dark and kinky side. Once this kinky fetish babe has her hooks in you, there is no way you are going to get away.
Shut the fuck up and give me that big fat wallet of yours. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you, all I want is you money. Is this all you’ve got? That’s not going to fucking cut it. I want you to get up off you fat lazy ass and get down to the ATM so you can get me some more money.
I don’t give a fuck if you starve to death. Every last cent that you have is now mine and I’m going to blow it all on sexy shoes and manicures while you are stuck eating ketchup and rice for every meal of the day. The only thing that you are good for is your money, so just shut your big fat mouth and hand it over.
- Danica


Alexis Rain and Whitney Morgan Financial Domination

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Alexis Rain and Whitney Morgan are two dominant fetish babes who always get what they want. If you have the cash then these two stunner will show you the time of your life, but if you run dry they will take it out of your ass.
It’s that time of the month again, so hand over the cash, loser. What the fuck is this? Is this all you’ve got? Well that’s just not going to cut it. You are going to have to go out and pick up another job because this little pittance is nowhere near enough to keep us happy. If you don’t give us twice as much next month, you are going to seriously regret it.
It’s not like a loser like you needs the cash. We are the best thing in your life right now, and that means you should be spending all your money on us. But we deserve to be treated right and you just don’t make enough money to keep us happy. You had better start looking in the jobs section of the newspaper because if we don’t get our cash soon, you’re fucking toast.
- Alexis Rain and Whitney Morgan


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